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Association of Franciscan Colleges and Universities

Association of Franciscan Colleges and Universities started as a simply web hosting change. After moving their old site to a new server they decided a complete overhaul was in order. The site was moved from an outdated CMS to Wordpress and setup with a completely new layout that is both responsive to mobile and tablets.
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Faith Diversity Consulting

Faith Diversity Consulting was a starter website for a consulting business. The idea was to build a simple layout with a responsive design that incorporated the feel of diversity. Although the website is small in size the layout of the information quickly drives the consumer through their services and provides and easy way to contact the company.
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Twin Tier News

Twin Tier News was an idea that I had for some time but didn’t come to fruition overnight. The concept was to provide a centralized news source for the Twin Tier area, which would allow users to add their own news as well as vote on what should they believed to be popular. The website was built on a platform similar to those of popular social bookmarking websites Reddit and Digg. Since the release of TwinTierNews.com it has a seen a steady increase of visitors and page views.

New York State Oil Producers Association, Inc.

New York State Oil Producers Association wanted to build a brand new site to reach future members and to inform the public on their on going efforts within the community The site needed membership application as well as a news feed to post updates. They also requested a social network integration with facebook.
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Gas Field Specialists, Inc.

Gas Field Specialists needed a way to reach both potential customers and future employees in the Tri State area. The site needed a complete re-design, social media integration, and interactive areas to attract customers. One of the main areas of the site allowed GFS to add available job openings with the option for individuals to apply for those jobs online. The Joomla CMS also allowed GFS to add/highlight current news and information that was going on with their industry.
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Close’s Lumber Co.

Close’s Lumber was looking for the total package, an overhaul of their outdated site as well as a new logo design and a Content Management System to manage it all.
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Mallery’s Auto Body

Mallery’s Auto Body is an all vehicle service shop in Olean NY. There new site required a updated redesign as well as a quick option for customers to easily and effectively touch base with them. With a simple navigation and a 360 overview of their shop, Mallery’s was able to highlight both their repair shop and quality of service.
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Plants & Goodwin

Plants & Goodwin is a local company that was looking for a complete website overhaul. Along with the redesign, there was a need for individuals to be able to easily submit their resume. Also potential clients needed a way to quickly find what services Plants & Goodwin offered along with a real time update of Crude Oil and Natural Gas prices.
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Premier Chiropractic

Premier Chiropractic was looking for a creative and marketable way to recruit more patients in the North Carolina region, with a site re-design and some creative video and social media integration. After the initial redesign there were multiple updates and features added to their site to get patients involved and informed on the chiropractic process. Other services included a mobile themed website, video integration, and a contact us form.
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Shingy 2Man Golf League

This was a personal project of mine for a local golf league that I currently participate in. We wanted to have a way for the league to easily access the standings and personal scores. I also built in a functional forum for participates to post discussion as well as profile page for each individual golfer.

G2 Gymnastics & Fitness

G2 Gymnastics & Fitness was looking for a complete package – design, hosting, and a content management system. The design needed to match their team colors and have an easily manageable user interface. The idea was to give G2 both the layout they wanted with the ease to make adjustments to the calendar, news, and registration pages. The custom registration page makes it easy for the coaches of G2 to know who has registered for which classes and to automatically cut off registration at a certain number. Overall the site supplies their customers with an easy to navigate interface that gets more gymnasts in the door.
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Need It By Sunday

Need It By Sunday was looking for a creative way to market and sell their products to both local and large churches across the country. With a site design already created I took their Photoshop layout and incorporated in a 3rd party shopping cart. After the initial setup there were multiple customizations that needed done to get the site working just the way they had anticipated. Other services included Search Engine Optimization, Social Network Marketing, and custom Live Support Chat system.
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T&A Designwear

T&A Designwear’s website was both a hosting and integration setup. Since they had a graphical artist, the design aspect of the website was covered. However they needed someone to both host their site and integrate it with Cafepress’s shopping cart system. Along with the initial setup and shopping cart integration, T&A Designwear was also looking for both a message board and a contact us page. Since the release of T&A Designwear they have gone on to sell thousands of t-shirts in multiple countries around the world.
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T.R.A.C.K. is another website that I volunteered my time building. The members of T.R.A.C.K. requested my assistance in designing a website that could easily help spread the word about both their organization and the local fundraisers they hosted. This is the first website I built with a WordPress CMS driving the site. I constructed both the overall theme and logo for the website as well as added features such as a Google calendar, AJAX image gallery, and contact form.
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McKean County Habitat

McKean Habitat was a website that I volunteered my time and services for. I handled the site design, development, and hosting setup and then passed off the finished product to the organization for them to maintain and update. The site was setup for static content and the ability for people to contact Habitat for Humanity through the contact form.

Superior Tire Co.

Superior Tire was another of my early career websites. They needed the entire site redesigned and revamped. I started by designing three different templates from which they could choose from. After the initial design was selected we went to work on developing the site and providing market driving content. Superior Tire also had a customer center that needed to be integrated with the current website which proved to be a little challenging.

Superior also approached me about developing a part number search that was both easy to navigate and web based. The solution was to build an AJAX system that did an automatic look-up for any of their parts.

Brand Transport

Brand Transport was one of my first site designs out of college. After the initial design we moved forward with both registering the domain name and setting up a hosting solution. Brand Transport is a good example of what a small business site might look like. With about 10 static pages that include a contact us section, this kind of setup would be perfect for any small business or organization that is looking for only static content to refer their customers to.

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