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SEO & Titles

Title Tags play a pivotal role in the way Google and many other search engines crawl your website.

Overview:  For those who don’t know, title tags are the links displayed on all major search engines. It is usually the first piece of code in the head of the source code and is surrounded by the tag string <title></title>.

A well titled page helps potential visitors get a brief summary of what to expect when they visit your page. The title also helps determine where your page will rank for particular keyword searches. A well designed title tag can drastically help your page ranking; be sure to never title all of your pages the same title or worst yet leave it untitled. A well designed title tag will include a brief but descriptive overview of the page followed by a dash “-” or slash “|” and then the website name. As you can see from this page the title is “SEO Tip of the Month – Titles  | Tim Geiger”, letting users know that they will find information about search engine optimization and Titles in the page to follow.

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